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domingo, 3 de febrero de 2008

{Goodbye MSN}

My first days with MSN

My customized Cublicle!
So, Just because this is mostly english related, I will write it in... "english"... the last 3 years I've been working, yep, it's been really hard to work and study at the same time, but it seems I've been able to manage it.
On 2005 -and I'm still not sure how- I started the trainning at Sykes... I wasn't even sure what I was doing, still everything seemed to be ok, the trainning, all the new people, speaking english most of the time... I started working for real on march, My schedule was so stupid (from 8:30pm to 5:30am) It was so strange to be awake all night but I was able to handle it -somehow-, I had to go to classes. I missed a lot of them, was tired and... so lost...
I was still on theater wich was one of the things that made me feel alive.
It's been a lot of experiences, a lot of people and so but so many calls... and everything because of MSN, I have 3 years working for technical support with MSN... and no... it's not Messenger...
So many times I wanted to just quit... but as you can see I'm still there, I met so many special people and special friends like: Marilú, Angela, Linda and obviously Pedro.
I spent probably 1 year and a half with the same schedule, then started changing it depending on the university and I needed to sleep at night.

Most of the things I've acomplished have been because I've been working at Sykes... and MSN, being able to do my homework there, all my ideas have come from there, basically everything I have done so far.
But Now, after 3 years.... MSN goes away... and It's the end of that part of my life, no more:
"thank you for calling MSN technical support, my name is David and I Will be your support assistant, may I have the telephone number associated with your account?"
no more: "thank you for holding my name is David Client Specialist, may I have the ticket number?"
yep... Who knows how the next account will be, but I'm sure it will be different. I won't have more stupid customers, no more people shouting at me... calling me names. (hopefully)
No more people degrading my so loved country.
Sykes has been such an important part of my life, I have dedicated 48 hours a week so it must be... and well now the butterfly starts flapping and going away....
I was with so many team managers. in different teams... with different people, in different schedules, changing floors... tools... so many memories.
I spend holidays at sykes, my birthdays... and all the important things that I missed... because I had to work for microsoft.
But I think being there has made me a better person.
On thursday I received a little recognition for being one of the techs that closed the account.
I guess there's nothing else to say.
Goodbye Butterfly.

Marilu's Birthday (next to me)

Angela, Pedro and Marilú.

making my everyday Crafts.
I'm not even sure why I was smiling.

First and last Sykes day... (Claudia and pedro)

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Dado Dado!!! dijo...
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Dado Dado!!! dijo...

**Wooops** ... FIXED entry ...

Buh-bye **MSN**. Here comes Justice.

We need to have coffee at our place of business one of these days.

D dijo...

geeee.... your entry's just made me almost cry... i remember my MSN nights too and i still remember the last weeks we were in the same floor (L1 vrs. L2) just before i quit!... it's nice to look back to see how much we've learned.. and surely it's sad to look back and check out how much we left behind! but that's just life!
-- "Thank you for calling and have a nice day" --

-- "So, you'll like to cancel you account? let me transfer you to CS" --

Now you're being transferred, by choice or not, to some other place... make sure to do it better!