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lunes, 5 de enero de 2009

{2009: joup n feit}

This new year has just started, this is the fifth day of 2009, and it hasn't been bad so far, I've been working really hard to acomplish my dreams wich now I'm sharing with friends, and that's something really good.
It's funny, God simply surprises me sometimes. There are times when I feel He's just playing with me and he is bored and sends a couple of rainy days but sometimes he actually places the stars above me so I can reach them.
This Christmas I wasn't alone, I felt like dying 'cause I just wasn't ready for another christmas alone, but Marilú came and basically rescued me, I spent until midnight at her place and she even gave me presents.
Then we played on my house, so It was a really good one christmas, Marilú has seen me in really bad days when I have been barely alive, but she has also seen me bright like never, it's been four years since I know her, sometimes time passes by too fast that we cannot really look back.
Then, I also found another lost friend: Laura, I'm not even sure what happened, but our lives simply took their own way, I spent the 31st with her, it was weird, 'cause I remembered those days when our eyes were full of tears and we were two strangers trying to fight against the whole world.
I'm happy about finding both of them
I obviously have to mention about Jacob, it's been weird our "cultural connection" but I like it, It's cool to have someone to share dreams with, I'm more than sure that we'll get really far from our projects.
But I still feel I have some demons and ghosts following me, and it scares me, it makes my skin cry. You're there... God. And you know I am afraid. So just hold me.
I have 2 hamsters wich now have their official names: Hope and faith.
I've just released the newsletter from Helio, and I am really excited about the whole HelioProjects.
So, I am almost the same. Hopefull, scared, happy and sad.
Thanks for the new year.
and thanks god for all the people you placed in my way on the 2008.

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