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En algún momento soy diseñador, en otros artista, en algún tiempo soy docente, a veces soy muchas cosas, y me gusta amar lo que hago. A veces sólo existo. Y otras soy yo. Miembro de: Helio Colectivo Creativo, JCI El Salvador, Red Vanguardia, Espacio Migrante, Moby Dick Teatro.

lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

{He had a Plan}

He... Had a plan.
had a dream
had a hope.
he shared it.
he wanted to live it.
to live with hope.
and to live with a dream.
so... he knew.
he couldn't go back
to the nowhere.
he started singing to the moon.
and started living.
his dream.
or part of it.
He wanted to turn on the light.
the one that explodes from within.
He cried.
once or twice.
he wasn't sure.
he was somewhere unknow.
and sad.
and he wonders...
will you come?

(Video:  Painting with light on new year"s eve)

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