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En algún momento soy diseñador, en otros artista, en algún tiempo soy docente, a veces soy muchas cosas, y me gusta amar lo que hago. A veces sólo existo. Y otras soy yo. Miembro de: Helio Colectivo Creativo, JCI El Salvador, Red Vanguardia, Espacio Migrante, Moby Dick Teatro.

sábado, 9 de julio de 2011


It's to pretend something can actually happen the way you expect.

So in moments like this, I wanna do all the opposite of what I thought about myself. Leaving is the best choice, but the one I can't really do. Leaving sounds so good. I guess it doesn't matter how many times you have the idea if you don't do it. How can you leave this place? How did I become so dependent of thouse friends... pain, depression. How can you just say goodbye to the things you built and worked so hard?

I wanted to believe in myself. And most of the times I do.
But believing in oneself, it's not the same as believing in others.
That's the big complexity of our race.
And something I can't understand just yet.
I've been living too much. And I don't want to anymore.
I can't really trust.
There's no one to trust.
there's no trust.

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