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lunes, 18 de agosto de 2008

{Hopefully-hopeless part four}

Pues no me gusta esto de no escribir mucho en el blog, porque me hace sentir que me estoy alejando de mí mismo:

A disaster strikes on my daily basis
I'm looking for peace and love in all the wrong places
and i'm making choices that come from my heart and not from my mind.
I know the second option is the one I should go for.
I'm making my place out the door.
I'm looking for empty faces and empty hearts.
they look just like everybody else.
I sit on the cloudy couch, and hope someone can see through these eyes.
I should play and act as if was already dead.
That way nothing that would hit me, would hurt me.
I'm confused and fading to the nothing.
I should let you go... or at least give you freedom
but I look again, out of my old window.
and there's nothing to hope for
nothing to believe in.
but your eyes... still here,
in my soul.
I don't understand
I'll probably be so weightless without feeling
so all these pounds in my body
mean I'm feeling too much.
I'm weak when it comes to feelings
and starting to be even weaker
when I'm around you.
My heart is racing against my intentions
to kill it (my heart).
And I'm still not sure which one will win
their lips are moving but I cannot hear what they say.
they're pointing at me but I'm getting blinded.
I'm tired of deciding and following my heart.
but I don't want to be like them.
so I'm in the middle of the street
with cars passing by
and my slow motion walking.
I rather stop and let the windshield break me
I rather scream and let the air take me.
Move on
move on
Sarbe, move on.
it's pointless to wait.
it's pointless to stop.
there's been 21 days bleeding.
holding myself not to see the blood

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