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En algún momento soy diseñador, en otros artista, en algún tiempo soy docente, a veces soy muchas cosas, y me gusta amar lo que hago. A veces sólo existo. Y otras soy yo. Miembro de: Helio Colectivo Creativo, JCI El Salvador, Red Vanguardia, Espacio Migrante, Moby Dick Teatro.

jueves, 30 de agosto de 2007

{No one really reads (this)}

I know... I probably just created this space for myself... who else would have the time to read it... or at least see it?... So then comes the question... why did you do it?.. why publishing all of these "personal" moments... I guess I keep believing that there will be a day... when someone will read... will see this... and will see through me...
And when I get to be old... I can remember all this thoughts and I can realize how things used to be... And I'm here again... just trying to keep on living.. and hoping... so you... upthere, don't abandon me... and help me
to go on... (ilustración a la izquierda "sin/con miedo")

Ilustraciones continuas, tintas brillantes sobre papel de colores, detalles con diferentes materiales, Tema: locura aquí y allá.

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Dado dijo...

I read it, and I care. :)

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