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En algún momento soy diseñador, en otros artista, en algún tiempo soy docente, a veces soy muchas cosas, y me gusta amar lo que hago. A veces sólo existo. Y otras soy yo. Miembro de: Helio Colectivo Creativo, JCI El Salvador, Red Vanguardia, Espacio Migrante, Moby Dick Teatro.

martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

{It feels like yesterday/today}

I am someone that has all this ghosts chasing me.
I am that one.
Yes, I am scared of them.
In those moments I wanna be blind.
I want to forget those moments.
'cause sometimes they come to me, again.
and they have the fun of the world making me remember,
making me shake.
and I hold my heart with 2 hands.
it's cold.
Just freaking go away.
Or is this me... is this me the one that is calling you back?
am I used to living with you?
let me out.
let me out.
let me out.
of this helll when you are around.
let me out.
let me out.
I don't like this.
the rush of memories coming to my mind.
and wherever I look.
there it is.
the whole piece.
the whole drama picture.
I see myself, in the same position.
then I copy it.
then the feeling that I see.
I start feeling it.
even if I hate you.
all of you.
I still feel all of this demons.
what I want.
is empty my mind.
empty this chest.
fuck all of you....
Just fuck you.
leave me.
It still invades me.
and it hurts.
I know...
it's not understandable.
It feels like yesterday,
when I used to write often,
yes, My heart starts to cry again.
just let me out.
let me out.
leave me.
if you hate me
then hate me so good,
that you can let me out.
let me out of this hell when you're around.

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