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En algún momento soy diseñador, en otros artista, en algún tiempo soy docente, a veces soy muchas cosas, y me gusta amar lo que hago. A veces sólo existo. Y otras soy yo. Miembro de: Helio Colectivo Creativo, JCI El Salvador, Red Vanguardia, Espacio Migrante, Moby Dick Teatro.

miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

{I wish}

So, I have made a proposal for myself, everytime I make a post on the blog, I will make an ilustration, today there's no exception.
I'm not yet that sure if writing a lot... or try to be brief on what I feel.
I guess I am on my depression before birthday.
It makes me wonder what I've done in these years, and what I will do from now on.
What I am sure about is that I am still waiting for a special birthday.
No, I know I won't get what I want... but hopefully something close.
I feel old... tired... I won't continue.
This year I want something different, I guess I will do it myself.
I love you Sarbe.
P.S. The ilustration was made by hand at first, then I added some texture on the background, color to the shapes, and texture it afterwards... I added a few effects to have that look of "plasticola".

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